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“How They See” – an interview with Piotr Jastrzębski

Metroactive News, Jeffrey Edalatpour, “Artists Ponder Their Soupy Origins at SJICA”

Huffington Post– John Seed: “Everything in My Life is Interconnected”

Professional Artist Magazine– Brenda Zappitell, “Tracey Adams: Her Process and Advice”

Wall Street Journal– “Outside/In” at K. Imperial Fine Art

The Studio Work– Elise Morris, “Studio Visit with Tracey Adams”

Geoform– Julie Karabenick, “An Interview with Tracey Adams”

Artist Interviews– Lynette Haggard, “Tracey Adams: Carmel, California”

15 Bytes– Geoff Wichert, “Color From the Hive”

Monterey Coast Weekly– Rick Deragon, “Shape Shifter”

Monterey Coast Weekly– Rick Deragon, “Ancient Voyages”

Chautauqua Daily– Regina G. Cano, “Stimulate the Senses”

Celebrate Art– December 1 – 31, Rovzar Gallery, Seattle, WA

Liminal Space – Curator: Tracey Adams, Bryant Street Gallery, Palo Alto, CA, September 2020

Primordial Soup Video– San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art

Music at Menlo Video– “The Art of Tracey Adams”