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In the Studio w:Grapheme 1 and 2

As we transition from longer days to shorter ones, I become more introspective and observe that my work continues to explore and cycle through past themes of numbers/music/circular shapes. Grapheme is a new series of paintings which focus on counting, color and my perception and interpretation of numbers and shapes as I fully experience color. Grapheme-color synesthesia has been described as the “smallest linguistic unit which may bring about a change or contrast of meaning.” Like all forms of synesthesia, grapheme-color synesthesia is for the individual involuntary, consistent and memorable. The experience differs from individual to individual. This new group of paintings is full of contrasts: hard edges of the ovoid shapes versus the softer, more cellular and aqueous ones; the patterns and rhythm of the different shapes versus the areas of quiet and repose; the topographic and textural surfaces versus those that are smooth. In this series, I use many layers of encaustic and oil to achieve luminosity and depth.

Grapheme_2, encaustic and oil on panel, web,48x46

Grapheme 2, 48×48, encaustic and oil on panel


Grapheme 1, 48×46, encaustic and oil on panel

Grapheme_3, encaustic and oil on panel, web, 40x30

Grapheme 3, 40×30, encaustic and oil on panel

Grapheme4Web - encaustic & oil on panel - 40x30

Grapheme 4, 40×30, encaustic and oil on panel

Grapheme 5Web - encaustic & otraceuil on panel 40x30

Grapheme 5, 40×30, encaustic and oil on panel

If you’re interested in learning more about encaustic, please check out this blog: www.prowaxjournal.com, filled with lot of great information.

On exhibition through October 5, 2013, Abstraction, Mark Gallery, Englewood, NJ (www.mark-gallery.com)