Collage: alchemy and transformation


Elaine de Kooning said it so well, “Collage is a marriage of accident and intention.” Collage is one of the most soul-satisfying studio practices I do at any time, any place and with any materials on hand. It functions like a journal posting in that I don’t often share it with others. It reflects my state-of-mind on a given day in that it can be dark, whimsical/fun, or meditative. It can be geometric, organic or a combination of both. It can be bright and colorful or monochromatic. While I never have an idea of where I’m going or what a collage will look like when finished, it is precisely that aspect that provides the necessary component of intrigue to keep me engaged. Sometimes, collage has sparked a new direction in my work so I try to let it have a life of its own. I love looking at other artists’ collages and assume that those of us who share this love of medium do it for similar reasons. Some collages are politically and narratively driven, some are playful and personal, and some have more formal intentions. Below is a group of some of my favorite collage artists.

Cecil Touchon

Cecil Touchan, Untitled,

Dennis Parlante Stability

Dennis Parlante, Stability,

Da-Dandy. 1919.

Hannah Hoch, Untitled,


Tracey Adams, Radicle 14,


Kim Frohsin, Coke, Popcorn, Circus, Diamond,


Marybeth Rothman, Amelia,


Matt Gonzalez, White 1,


Michael Cutlip, Bird-on-a-Wire,


Michael Pauker,


Kirsten Stolle, Genetic Erosion,


Donna Sharrett, Magnificent,


Esteban Vicente, Hawaii,


Maritta Tapanainen, Frontera,