Moving Off the Grid


Studio January 2013

It’s been a few months since I last posted, but a busy time in the studio. I’ve been working on a new series, Lumenis, still in the early stage of evolution. This series is very connected to the place where music and art intersect and overlap. I continue to be inspired by the compositional principles of John Cage, those of “chance” music or “indeterminancy”. Decisions about mark-making involve parameters that are fixed or limited such as shape, color and spatial relationships. In addition, I have moved away from the grid as a compositional element for the first time in 30 years. All of the paintings begin with an encaustic monotype made on the Hot Box shown above, then adhered to the panel. Many layers of acrylic and oil are then applied.

The painting shown below is the last painting made using a grid. The ones that follow are, in order, the paintings as I respond to each one that went before it. While these are in the early stages of developing, I wanted to put them up for the new year.

Lumenis 14, 20×20

Lumenis 7, 32×52

Lumenis 4, 20×20

Lumenis 5, 20×20

Lumenis 6, 20×20

Lumenis 9, 39×54

Lumenis 8, 48×39

Lumenis 11, 22×39

I welcome any and all feedback!