Celebrating 30+ years of being an artist


In writing my first Blog ever, I want to acknowledge how fortunate I am to have found my way into this amazing thing called art. I remember my first day as a graduate student at the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston. It was September of 1978 and I had been painting during the sweltering summer in my third floor studio apartment. All I wanted to do was continue painting and yet, I had recently committed to spending 2 years studying Conducting in school. This was a difficult decision especially considering I had a scholarship which would cover many of my expenses as a music student.

Jumping ahead to when I finished my music degree 2 years later, having taken as many art classes simultaneously as possible, I decided to move home to the west coast, I found whatever space I could to draw and paint. The kitchen became my new studio, putting everything away at night and converting it back to a place to cook and eat. I craved my very own studio, somewhere I could go to delight in this wonderful process of art making. I spent all my waking hours thinking about art, trying to find a way to make a new studio materialize.

Skipping ahead to 1992, my husband and I moved to Carmel, one of the most amazing places on earth, where we were surrounded by trees and exquisite beauty. I finally had my own place to paint. So much has happened in the 20 years since the summer we moved here: incredible exhibition opportunities, inspiration and growth and lots of hard focused work. It is fun to watch the evolution of my process especially since I work in series, many of which are shown under Art. While much has improved and evolved in the way I paint, the concept behind my art making has remained the same.

It seems fitting that I am celebrating 20 years of living in Carmel with the launch of my new website and Blog. There are so many people to thank and so much to be grateful for. Check in occasionally for some thoughts and ideas about the art process. Here’s to another 30 years of creativity!